Tuna Pate

There are always a few things in your pantry that seem to just sit there for months-  maybe even a year.  Canned tomatoes, kidney beans, tuna fish…  At a party over the holidays I hesitantly tried some tuna pate on a cracker. ‘ Tuna pate?’, you ask.   ‘Really?’  Well, yes, actually.  It’s really quite good.  And a great dish to make when you are down to the last items in the pantry.  And it’s cold out.  And you’re too tired to go to the grocery store.

2 cans tuna fish in olive oil – drained

1.5 tablespoons room temperature butter

1.5 tablespoons cream cheese

1 tablespoon capers

1 teaspoon onion powder

lemon juice to taste

a few dashes of white pepper

a few dashes of paprika

1 dash cayenne pepper

Put all ingredients in a food processor- or use an immersion blender like I did.  Process until all ingredients are fully incorporated.  This tastes great when eaten immediately on crackers – and even better if you refrigerate for a few hours.


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