Another Recipe from 101 Cookbooks – Harissa Spaghetti

Oh, Kale.  A vegetable I couldn’t pick out of a line up just a few years ago – now I can’t seem to get enough of it.  Heidi Swanson’s Harrissa Spaghettini was one of the first recipes I attempted when I  joined my CSA.  I had never eaten kale, never heard of harissa, but the combination of spicy chili mixed with garlic, fresh kale, lemon zest, pine nuts and salty oil-cured olives (my favorite kind) on top of a bed of whole wheat pasta sounded so incredible to me.  I thought it would be impossible to track down harissa, but as it turned out, a Middle Eastern market just a few blocks from my apartment carries several canned varieties. I’ve made this numerous times with whole wheat pasta, but when my most recent head of kale came in, I decided to try it with a pound of quinoa pasta I had on hand.  The results were outstanding and this remains one of my favorite dishes.  If it looks a little kale-heavy, trust me, it is.  I love the stuff but you can add as little or as much as you like.  Follow Heidi’s recipe and enjoy.  This tastes just a good cold as it does fresh out of the pot so make some extra for lunch tomorrow!


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