Rosemary Apple Chicken with Creamy Parmesan Polenta and Winter Greens

Long time no post, eh?  Many things have happened over the past few months, including a move, out-of-town    visitors and the holidays.  Let’s try this again, shall we?  Since my last post I have done quite a bit of cooking, entertaining and  consuming but sadly, no picture-taking.  In the past two months I have mastered a Jamie Oliver beef stew recipe, Moroccan spiced roasted  chicken and new (lighter handed) cocktail mixing.  Unfortunately, all I have to show you is this dinky photo of a  meal made many, many meals ago.  I really don’t even remember the specifics of how I did it.  My sister made the chicken,  consisting of chicken breast and sliced apples, coated with fresh rosemary, grapeseed oil and salt and pepper, baked  off in the oven.  Simple and delicious.  My contribution was the polenta, made freshly after discovering Mark  Bittman’s New York Times blog.  I remember using whole milk, freshly grated parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and  cornmeal.  I topped it with kale sautéed with onions and garlic, which complemented the creamy, savory polenta  very nicely.  In recent history, cooking has become a creative outlet that I was not expecting.  I resolve to post my triumphs here more regularly.  Here’s to resolutions made hastily before the calendar flips to February!


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