Welcome to The Hot Kitchen

Welcome to The Hot Kitchen.  Here I will post personal recipe successes, interesting articles and anything else food-related that catches my eye. 

For my first post, I thought I’d share this article from this weekend’s New York Times Magazine section about celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver. 

In Putting America’s Diet on a Diet, Times writer Alex Witchel examines Oliver as he begins a new reality show project in a town in West Virginia where obesity afflicts 45% of the population.  Here live children under the age of 10 who have developed Type 2 diabetes.  The residents of this town are skeptical of Oliver but his track record proves that this man is nothing if not effective.  My first introduction to him was while watching Jamie’s School Dinners while I was studying abroad in Melbourne in college.  This show followed Oliver as he successfully changed the lunch menu in a small town British elementary school from “turkey twizzlers” (breaded, deep fried, spiralled turkey meat with assorted added ingredients) to whole grain pasta with fresh vegetables pureed into the sauce.  The overall change in the demeanor of the students after a radical diet change was astounding.  Oliver has been leading his own food revolution since the age of 23 and his dedication to his cause is inspiring.


One response to “Welcome to The Hot Kitchen

  1. I love him (Jamie) and you:) As you know, because of Jamie, I too hide veggies in my sauce! But you are not afraid to try anything! You always did love experimenting! When I left you home with Dad, I always came home to some kind of new experimental recipe & mess in the kitchen. I think you were paying me back for not buying you a “Suzy Bake Oven!” You definitely take after Dad in the cooking department. I think you were three years old when you ate your first jalapeno (after watching Dad pop one!) On a final note, because of you, I now love spanish tapas!

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